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Hello World!

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Hello world, what’s going on?  I borrow those words from one my favorite youtubers.  So after years of journaling my thoughts, opinions, ramblings, and expressing myself within my close circle of friends I’ve decided to unleash them on the rest of the world.  So get ready.  You may agree, disagree or agree to disagree but no disrespect is allowed.  Have you ever notice that as soon as you do disrespect somone, they no longer hear you.  They are now focusing on the ill that you have sent their way and all reasoning is thrown by the wayside.

Individuality is wonderful thing and being able to express yourself is beautiful.  Especially when expessing yourself through words.  Some of us do it with elegance and others with difficulty.  Some of us are able to do so freely while others are heavily censored.  Nontheless words open up worlds, avenues and opportunities.  I’m curious to see where this takes me, us.

So hello world!  Welcome.

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