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  1. Great organization!!

    Comment by Kamryn Adams — 27/02/2010 @ 5:15 PM

  2. Wow. That sounds like an incredible organisation. I hope that many more people can invest like you have.

    Comment by 1sttime2010 — 13/07/2010 @ 9:39 AM

  3. I will definitely look into “Women for Women International”…sounds like a beautiful cause! Women do work hard and I believe that we all need to stick together. I just started a blog being brutally honest about my thoughts of society and people…hoping that women will start reading it and hopefully start working together rather than against one another. Maybe you’d enjoy it…


    Comment by Honest — 25/09/2010 @ 5:32 AM

  4. Thanks for sharing about this organization. I feel like women need to stand for peace and persuade our leaders to not go to war. Women and children are the ones that suffer most, rape, torture, enslavement and abuse are all fair game to soldiers. The chaos too keeps women from cooking and providing for the family. Maybe we don’t get involved because when a woman or child dies, the army and societies call it “casualties”?

    Comment by Annabel — 24/11/2010 @ 2:36 AM

  5. Nice!

    Comment by femmetofemme — 31/01/2011 @ 1:53 AM

  6. I would like to know why you don’t want to call yourself a feminist? “we are a lot smarter than what our male counterparts give us credit for”…what the heck is that about?
    Don’t you believe that women deserve the same rights/opportunities/salaries/respect/dignity that men get? because that is what a feminist is. You don’t need Oprah to tell you that.

    Furthermore, when was it that strong women feminists started getting a bad rap? What century is this?

    Comment by feministme — 18/02/2011 @ 2:34 AM

  7. I’ve always been one for female empowerment and women making a way for themselves and their families.

    This sounds like feminism to me. Why would you say you are not a feminist?

    Comment by Valeri Irene — 29/03/2011 @ 2:25 PM

  8. The simple fact that I know who I am, what I stand for and believe in is why I don’t feel the need to identify as a feminist. When I stated “we are a lot smarter than what our male counterparts give us credit for” this is for the women and young girls of various backgrounds that I deal with on a daily basis in my volunteer work. Those various backgrounds include domestic, sexual, and mental abuse along with lack of academic education (dropping out of high school or college) poverty, etc. The list goes on. Of course I believe that women deserve the same rights, opportunities, salaries, respect and dignity that men get but not eveyone does (including women). I’ve been active in this movement for the past 17 years and by mentioning the Women for Women International I’m simply sharing with others that may not know.

    Comment by writely so 365 — 02/04/2011 @ 6:24 PM

  9. By definition this is considered feminism. Simply put I say I’m not a feminist because I’m not fond of the term. I’d would much rather continue doing the work that I’ve been doing and let my actions speak for themselves. If someone else chooses to label me as such then that’s on them but I don’t label myself with such a title. There are too many facets to who I am to try and label/pigeon hole me.

    Comment by writely so 365 — 02/04/2011 @ 6:36 PM

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