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Barack Obama is Irish

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 Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  Enjoy or not.



Her Morning Elegance-Orie Lavie

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I like the flow of the music and the video.  I’m now a fan.




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I’ve always been a fan of q-tip and I’m definitely digging this video.  This is his latest.



What’s Your Theme Music?

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Music is my drug of choice second to books and one of the many things that gets me through my day. My iPod contains a huge selection of music from many different genres. Depending on the type of day that I’m having or what’s going on in my day on a case by case basis I actually have a theme song or two.

If I’m having a tough day then I put on some hip-hop or alternative such as DMX’s Party Up or Cool for August’s Don’t Wanna be Here. For those mellow or me time moments I fall back to my first love, jazz. Anything by Miles, Herbie, George, Ella, or Nina (just to name a few), will fit the bill.  Currently my theme song is John Legend’s It’s Over.

So what’s your theme song?

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