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O2 Optix Contacts Review

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O2 Optix Contacts by Ciba Vision

O2 Optix Contacts by Ciba Vision

I was in the market for some new contacts.  Preferably ones that wouldn’t kill my budget or dry my eyes out if I fell asleep in them.  I saw an advertisement for 1-800-Contacts so I went online to peruse the wide selection of contacts they had to offer.  After much research and comparison I settled on Ciba Vision’s O2 Optix and for $167.00 (free shipping and no tax included) I got 8 boxes.  There are six lenses in a box and that supply of 8 boxes was advertised that it would last me a full year.  But knowing me I’ll very likely stretch it out to a full two years if I can.

Ciba Vision claims that O2 Optix are breathable contact lenses with a aqua moisture system that lubricates for comfort on contact, maintains comfort all day and sustains comfort every day. In addition the eyes benefit from lenses that resist deposit build up, which can impact  comfort and health.

The truth is it does exactly what it claims.  After a month of wear I’ve had no or yet to experienc any discomfort or dryness.  I’m an avid reader so I don’thave to switch to my glasses after a long day.  Even when I have fallen asleep in them all I have to do is put in a few eye drops to clear away the fogginess the next morning.

Overall I’m pleased even after the initial shock of the price wore off.  Remember to do your homework before purchasing any product or service.


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