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School Secretary Accused and Arrested

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Jennifer Carter

Jennifer Carter, 45 year old ex DPS employee

So I found out that  in my hometown of Denver, CO, a Denver Public School secretary, Jennifer Carter was accused of duct taping an “unruly” 6 year old on 22 October 2009.  Here’s the article when it was first reported. I don’t care how “unruly” a child may get it does not give anyone license to put their hands on them.  The CO child abuse/neglect laws have seen to that. The following are just some of the comments made in regards to this incident.

“This is a complete overreaction, they put tape on a otherwise uncontrollable kid. Maybe he would not act so ‘Rowdy’ if he had stronger discipline at home. I thing mommy is just looking for a pay out.”-TheGodfather (Nico C)

“Where’s the father? Why is he not disciplining his son? Isn’t this what fathers are supposed to do?

Oh, wait, that’s right, in order for a mother to receive “benefits” (yes, I’m saying it) she must not be married to a husband, or, if she is, he must not be gainfully employed.

Maybe if this mother was more selective in who she procreates with, she would have a strong father-figure in the family that this boy would respect and appropriately fear consequences of misbehavior.

Chalk up another victory in the war on poverty, we’ve created multi-generations of women who don’t worry about having a father around to help raise their children. Why bother when the government will be there instead?”-Alan9074 (Alan M)

“Good for this secretary. Give her a raise. I can remember when I was young and schools were allowed to discipline kids. (With in reason) The key question here was harm done to the kid?”-littlerascal (Larry M)

As you will notice some of the comments made are completely admonishing the child and his mother but not Carter.  On 27 October 2009 charges were filed against Carter and she was arrested. Ashyle Tenner, the mother of the 6 year old stated:

“I’m pleased that the (Police Department) is taking this as seriously as I took it.  I think this will send a message, obviously, to her, but also the principal, who didn’t handle it right, and to the school district that this kind of treatment of children . . . shouldn’t be tolerated.”

One of the things I found most interesting about all of this is that I know of Carter personally and I can honestly say I am NOT a fan.  This a grown ass woman who seems to have lost her ever loving mind.  Carter s a mother of two (adult children) herself so I don’t understand why she didn’t stop to think before she acted.  Yes I do, the woman lacks common sense and she is as manipulative as they come.  Even her own children can’t stand her.  She uses those around her to for personal gain and to try and feel powerful. If one is stupid enough (and believe me I can name 5 right off the top of my head) to fall for her game she will use the personal knowledge she’s learned about you against you later on to do her personal bidding.

Momma always said “You do ugly, you get ugly.”  That might explain why Carter has had heart surgery within the past year, is currently on oxygen and has Type II Diabetes.


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